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Driving Directions to NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic Headquarters:

From Norfolk International Airport, take Interstate 64 West, exit 276 to 564 West. Follow signs for the Naval Station. Enter Gate 2. From Maryland Ave., make a left on Gilbert St. Make a left on to Virginia Ave.  Bldg. Z-140 is on the left, at the corner of the second stop light.  Cross street is Admiral Taussig Blvd.

Physical Address:

NAVFAC Mid-Atlantic
9324 Virginia Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23511-3095 

Submitting a FOIA Request:

Go to:

The Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C Sec. 552 (as amended by the OPEN Government Act of Pub. L. 114–185, § 2, June 30, 2016, 130 Stat. 538) gives the public the right to access any Department of the Navy (DON) records unless the information in those records is protected by one or more of the nine exemptions that qualify an Agency's need to withhold records from a requester, and there is a sound legal basis to withhold them. The DON adheres to the policy and disclosure regulations set forth in 32 CFR Chapter VI Part 701, to implement the FOIA uniformly and consistently and to provide maximum allowable disclosure of agency records upon request by an individual.



NAVFAC Customer Service Center (Hampton Roads) (757) 341-1700
​Commanding Officer/Regional Engineer: (757) 341-1431
Executive Officer: (757) 341-1431
​Command Inspector General's Office:

You can also call the NAVFAC LANT IG Hotline and anonymously report fraud, waste or mismanagement – (757) 322-4861
(757) 341-1408
NAVFAC HQ IG operates under the authorities of both the NAVFAC Commander and the Naval Inspector General (NAVIG). The NAVFAC IG inspects, investigates, and enquires into matters of importance to the NAVFAC Commander to maintain the highest level of public confidence. IGs help enforce ethical standards and improve NAVFAC performance, readiness, efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of life. For more information, visit:
Assistant Regional Engineer: (757) 341-0225
Operations Officer: (757) 341-0300
Deputy Operations Officer: (757) 341-0300
​Contractor Contact: (757) 341-0092
Ships Support Office: (757) 341-0800
Business Director: (757) 341-1432
Public Affairs Office: (757) 341-1410/1411
Security Office: (757) 341-1457
Flag Housing Officer:  (757) 444-3322
Command Counsel: (757) 341-2128/2129
Financial Management Business Line: (757) 341-1331
Real Estate Business Line: (757) 341-1996
Human Resources Office:  (757) 341-1466
Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity & Inclusion Office:  (757) 341-2400
To file an EEO Discrimination Complaint, you must contact an EEO counselor within 45 calendar days of the alleged discriminatory incident or action. To initiate a complaint, or if you have questions regarding the complaint process, please call the NAVFAC LANT Complaint Phone Line or by email:
Please be advised that EEO matters are strictly confidential, therefore, please refrain from discussing the matters with anyone except for those who are involved with the processing or adjudication of this complaint.
Regional Energy Manager: (757) 341-1205
​Command Information Officer Support Line Leader: (757) 341-0010
Admin Officer/Management Services:  (757) 341-1469/1455
Safety: (757) 341-1400
Contracting Business Line:  (757) 341-0070
Design & Construction Business Line:  (757) 341-0101
Environmental Business Line: (757) 341-0447
Public Works Business Line: (757) 341-1062
​Asset Management Business Line: (757) 341-0220
Hampton Roads/North/Marine Corps AOPS: (757) 341-1503
​Maintenance Department Manager: (757) 341-0713
Base Support Vehicles and Equipment (Transportation): (757) 341-0779
Rental/Lease (Transportation):  (757) 341-0761/0763
Duty Supervisors (After Hours): (757) 341-1638/1639
Senior Enlisted Advisor/Regional Self Help Coordinator: (757) 445-4531
​Northeast IPT: (757) 341-2079
North Carna IPT: (757) 322-4526


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