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why work for us?

Your Work Matters

At nearly 200,000 people strong, the Navy civilian workforce plays a major role in the mission of the U.S. Navy. The civilian employees at NAVFAC SE are responsible for the infrastructure of Navy installations throughout the southeast United States. From streets and electrical grids to barracks and dry docks, the vital infrastructure NAVFAC creates, repairs, and maintains is the backbone of the entire U.S. Navy. At NAVFAC SE, you truly make a difference.

Job Security

Even in an unstable job market, the Department of the Navy will be an essential part of government operations. As long as the U.S. Navy exists, NAVFAC SE will need its workforce of skilled civilian professionals.

Career Advancement

With duty stations throughout the southeastern U.S. and dynamic mission priorities, professional experience and new opportunities are built into the NAVFAC SE culture. Whether it’s pioneering innovative new ways of doing things, expanding knowledge and skills through training, or tackling challenging new projects to meet the needs of the Navy, NAVFAC SE can provide you the path to career success.


As a NAVFAC SE employee, you will be eligible for tuition discounts of up to 50% at over two dozen colleges, including Penn State, the Florida Institute of Technology, and Georgetown University.  The tuition discount applies to certificate programs, undergraduate studies, and graduate studies, and many colleges will also extend the discounted rate to your immediate family.

Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is vital to your health and well-being. NAVFAC SE has set work hours, flexible work schedules, telework, and other programs available so employees can create a routine that best lets them navigate their work and personal responsibilities – including when the unexpected happens. And with generous sick leave and annual leave, employees also have time for self-care and relaxation. NAVFAC SE strives to enable employees to be their absolute best at work and at home.


Health, dental, vision, and life insurance are available to all NAVFAC SE employees.  A remarkably diverse assortment of health, dental, and vision insurance options gives employees the flexibility to select plans that meet their specific needs. In fact, there are over 700 health insurance plans available throughout the United States, with individual options based on location.  As an example, NAVFAC SE employees in Jacksonville, Florida have 32 health insurance plans to choose from.


NAVFAC SE not only sets you up for a great career, it sets you up for a great retirement. Retirement benefits include a retirement annuity, the Thrift Savings Plan (similar to a 401k, with up to a 5% matching contribution), Social Security, and continuing insurance benefits.


NAVFAC civilian employees enjoy free use of on-base military facilities such as fitness centers, beaches, picnic grounds, and recreational areas, can take advantage of pay-for-use facilities such as golf courses, and are eligible discounts on travel and theme park/local attraction tickets through the Morale, Welfare, and Recreation program. Employees also have shopping privileges with the Military Exchange, giving them access to significant discounts on a wide variety of items including electronics, appliances, household goods, furniture, clothing, jewelry, and cosmetics.

NAVFAC SE provides infrastructure and facility support to the U.S. Navy's air, surface and subsurface platforms. 


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Heather Nicely
Talent Acquisition Specialist

Science, Mathematics & Research for Transformation (SMART)

SMART scholarship for service program is an opportunity for students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree in STEM disciplines to receive a full scholarship and be gainfully employed upon degree completion.

NAVFAC Southeast is proud to be a Sponsoring Facility for the SMART program. Sponsoring Facilities have the option to award scholarships to both SMART Scholarship recipients and Dellums SMART Scholarship recipients.

Website: SMART

NAVFAC SE Sponsoring Facility Information: NAVFAC SE SF

Our Stat’s

  • Federal Civilian Workforce of 2,000+, led by 100+ Navy Civil Engineering Corps officers
  • Annual Volume of Business is +$2B
  • Roughly 1,500+ Construction, Sustainment and Restoration Projects annually, ranging from $5K to $880M
  • Responsible for the upkeep of 26K facilities, utilities, runways, and wharfs; on 174K acres of property
  • Responsible for the Environmental Stewardship and Compliance of all Navy property
  • Offices at 22 locations across the Southeast
  • Part of a larger Navy SYSCOM that has more than 75 locations word-wide


  • COMPETITIVE Pay and Benefits
  • The BEST in Paid Time-Off
  • We pay for work over 40-hours/week, or give you compensatory time-off
  • Teleworking opportunities
  • Excellent access to professional training, leadership training and development
  • Continuing School Education opportunities
  • Travel opportunities in most positions
  • Ability to move around
  • Overseas tours are not only supported but are encouraged – after target development has been reached


  • We pay you for every hour you work – even on a set salary (Overtime or Compensatory Time-Off is paid/provided)
  • We provide a work environment of Collaboration, Unity, Dignity, & Respect
  • Purpose above Self’ work environment – its not career progression at the expense of others
  • We embrace a work culture mantra of “NAVFAC Southeast is a Great Place to Work”
  • Command Wellness is incorporated into our Strategic Planning and we have employee participation events, professional industry outreach events, and community STEM events ongoing on a monthly basis
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